Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Bitchin' Post

No one wants to comment on my post bitching about my softball team? :( (Thats me crying, on the inside of course!

Last Night

So this will be a blah post. We had a crazy busy day yesterday! Non-stop phone calls all day. So I went home, and started off with a drink, and that drink led to another and another. Needless to say I over drank and had a not so happy ending. I'm cool now, well with a little headache. Well that's all I have for now. Thought I would share with you all!
Dan "The Man" Zahn

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Son

So my 5 year old son has been acting up a lot in kindergarten. He gets daily progress reports to let Jamie and I know how he did during the day. Let me tell you last week was not good. It was pretty much a bad progress report everyday. Well yesterday he came home and his progress report was flawless! Jamie and I were beyond proud of his accomplishment to be good all day! I told him that if he came home with a report like that everyday, I would have a surprise on Saturday for him! That surprise would be me taking him to the Mall of America to the new Nickelodeon thing they have there. New rides, food, all the things a 5 year old could ask for. I just wanted to put out there how proud I was for my son to do so well in school. I just hope he can do it all week so he can get his big surprise. Ok that was all I had for this blog.

Peace Out


Sorry for no post Michael. My bad! Haven't had much to talk about but I thought of something. See I play on a softball team in which we have been playing together for over 3 years. We have an opening day tourney on April 12th. Some of the guys on my team decided to put together their own team for just the tournament. So this pisses me off not only because I found out last minute, but I had to put together a team of 12 people so that some new people and people on our normal team could still be in the tournament. I mean what kind of friends that you play on the same team with for over 3 years decides to do their own thing and not even have the common courtesy to tell everyone else on the team they are doing that. Maybe I'm overreacting a little, but that seems kinda selfish in a way. The way I see it is that we are a team and we compete as a team! You don't go out and do your own thing and not tell the other 10 or 11 people you play with. This just kinda erks me. I made a commitment to this team when my younger brother and I put it together and now some of the guys are getting big heads on their shoulders and think they can do their own thing regardless of the feelings and what not of the other players on the team. Well all I can say is at this point, if my team plays their team, I hope we womp their asses out of the tournament and send them home early to cry into an empty glass of non-existing beer, while my team goes for the gold! Well I'm done venting on this subject since it's only softball and we do play for fun for the most part but we are men and men are competitve in nature! Till next time this is Pimp Daddy D signing out!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Alright, Okay!

I was told by one of my fellow blog homies, the my first post was short and not so exciting. Well lets see what is going on in the fabolous life of Dan Zahn. Well actually not much. I'm working on putting a team together for our opening day softball tournament. It seems to be going well so far, but we aren't out of the woods yet. We still have to get the money from our sponsors to pay the tourney fee, and also have to find about 2-3 more people to play and then all is gravy! Hmmm, I gots myself a new tat in honor of my 5 year old son Sage. It is the Superman symbol with his initials and his birth date. When he first saw it he said, "cool, Superman, I like it daddy!" But then I had to explain to him what the initials and the date on the tattoo meant then he really understood the meaning of the tattoo. Ahhhh, the things that makes you happy to be a parent. So I was sick last Thursday through Monday and I'm finally feeling better. I haven't had a solitary drink of liquor go through my system in over two weeks and that is just outright incredulous! So to put it nicely I'ma gettin' bombed this Saturday! I likes the beers!! Well that is my life as of right now. It changes constantly so I'm sure I'll have a fun story, literature to read, possibly a movie review (since I do work at Blockbuster), and who knows, I can always make stuff up! Well I hope this is better Michael! Please don't banish me from the world of blogging. I'm trying!! Talk to you all soon!

Hey Ya'll

This is my first blog. So I'm just writing to say hi'ya! I'll add more soon in the ongoing depressing, surreal life of Daniel Jacob Zahn. Just kidding, it isn't that depressing. I like to exaggerate!! HEHE